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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The restoration of the Hesperia Forestry Fire Station Smokey Bear Sign

The CALFIRE Hesperia Forestry Fire Station was closed and forgotten for many years, and as time moved on the Infamous Smokey Bear fire sign remained as a reminder of California’s fire danger. The Church that now occupies the facility approached CAL FIRE in regards to a potential restoration of the sign which had long since faded and showed signs of neglect. Fenner Canyon Conservation Camp gladly accepted the challenge and, under the direction of Fire Captain Mike Jennings, Crew #6 completed the makeover of the sign with new lumber (as needed) and a fresh coat of paint. Smokey Bear was repaired and free hand art work reapplied by crew members. 

For the short time Smokey Bear was under repair, many noticed his absence including longtime residents and firefighters that had worked at the Hesperia Station. Once again, Smokey Bear is refurbished and standing guard again.