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Monday, October 1, 2012

Another community seeks Cooperative Agreement with CAL FIRE

Communities in San Diego County to be protected by CAL FIRE.  The San Miguel Consolidated Fire Protection District voted recently to approve a cooperative fire protection agreement with CAL FIRE.

Earlier this year some other local governments contracted with CAL FIRE in order to make their communities more cost effective.  The city of Morgan Hill signed a five year contract with CAL FIRE in April 2012, while the Groveland Fire Department inked an agreement for a Schedule A contract in August with CAL FIRE.  The town of Paradise, California also decided this year to contract with CAL FIRE for their fire protection duties.

CAL FIRE has and maintains a variety of agreements with a number of varied agencies, departments and local governmental entities.

Since the 1940s, local government entities such as cities, counties and districts have contracted with CAL FIRE to provide many forms of emergency services for their communities. CAL FIRE provides full-service fire protection to many of the citizens of California through the administration of 145 cooperative fire protection agreements in 33 of the State's 58 counties, 30 cities, 32 fire districts and 25 other special districts and service areas. As a full-service fire department CAL FIRE responds to wildland fires, structure fires, floods, hazardous material spills, swift water rescues, civil disturbances, earthquakes, and medical emergencies of all kinds. Local governments are able to utilize this diversity and experience through their contracts and agreements with the Department. (From the CAL FIRE web site)