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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hot or Cold, Fire Safety Should Be Your First Concern

Weather forecasters are saying that this unseasonable weather will be leaving by the end of the week and we will return to our usual warm and dry fall weather. The rain and cool temperatures will reduce the possibility of wildland fire starts. However, as the vegetation dries out and the temperatures return to their seasonal norms the potential for wildland fires increases. When you add in the possibility of Santa Ana winds over the next couple of weeks, we need to keep our fire prevention guard up.

Something else that should increase our safety awareness is this bout of cold weather. As we turn on our household heaters and furnaces that have been off for a couple of months, be careful. Check the filters to make sure that they are clean and functional. Make sure that there are no gas leaks. DON’T use unapproved heaters, such as charcoal barbeques, kerosene heaters or any other type of heater that was intended for outdoor use. Along those lines, remember that these types of heaters give off carbon monoxide which can be deadly. Beginning July first of this year, single family homes are required by law to install carbon monoxide detectors.

Home fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, wildfires, all are possible during this time of year. Remember to turn fire awareness into fire readiness. October 9 through 15, 2011 is National Fire Prevention Week. Find out where an event is being held close to you and plan to attend. You can receive fire prevention and safety information and the children can have a fun time learning with you how to be fire safe.