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Friday, July 15, 2011

CAL FIRE Teaches Fire Safety at ABC7

For the second consecutive year, the CAL FIRE San Bernardino Unit was invited to present our News Media Fire Safety class to the news staff at ABC7 television. Located in Glendale, San Bernardino Unit Information Officer Bill Peters conducted eight 90-minute refresher classes over three days, July 12, 13, and 14. Attendance at one of the classes was required for the news staff and technical staff.

Last year, Peters presented the four hour safety class for the first time ever at ABC7. This year, the refresher class included wildland fire behavior, fire ground injuries and safety, off-road vehicle operation, Penal Code Section 409.5 (media access law), and a special focus on Situational Awareness. Peters also spent some time on fire shelter use and deployment, with a volunteer in every class actually deploying a practice shelter. By the way, some of the volunteers were females including one lady reporter who successfully deployed the shelter in her business suit while wearing heels, demonstrating that anyone can successfully deploy a fire shelter. "I really appreciated the willingness of the attendees to engage in the class as well as volunteer to try something new in front of their peers" said Peters.