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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fire Prevention is the Public's Business Too.

As we have been seeing over the last few weeks, the hot fire hazard period of the year is finally upon us. The moisture in the vegetation has been reduced making the plants and grasses very susceptible to fire. We are always asked if this is going to be a bad fire season and while we never really know, what we do know is that wildfire is going to strike somewhere. The question is are you ready for it?

California's Mediterranean climate and topography naturally lend themselves to wildfires. As we have seen recently, even without the severe Santa Ana winds, the fires in Southern California are burning fast and furious.

To assist in this effort, Governor Schwarzenegger issued an executive order on May 3, 2010.

Last Friday, while speaking at the Crown Fire Incident Command Post in Palmdale, the Governor reminded Californians of the importance of defensible space in order to provide firefighters with the space necessary to defend your home. He also spoke of being ready to go when law enforcement officers are recommending evacuation.

What we witnessed last year in the Oak Glen III fire for example is how well the different fire departments in San Bernardino County come together to fight wildland fires and protect the residents here. But firefighters need your help, so here are a few tips that can help to prevent a fire.
1. Never use lawn mowers and weed trimmers to clear dead grass and vegetation during the heat of the day. Just a simple spark from a mower's blade striking a rock can ignite a wildfire.
2. If you go camping, completely extinguish your camp fire. And only have a fire in places where they are allowed.
3. Don't pull your car over in dry grass. The hot exhaust or muffler can catch the grass on fire.
4. Never throw away a cigarette out doors or out of your car.

As we move deeper into the high fire hazard months of the year, the fire danger will continue to increase. I can tell you that CAL FIRE and area fire departments are ready to respond. But are you prepared? To learn more about how to be fire safe, click on the CAL FIRE logo or the Ready, Set, Go banner.

Thank you for being part of the fire safe team.

Chief Doug McKain
CAL FIRE San Bernardino Unit Chief